Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Organised Christmas

I know, I have been notably absent from the blogosphere for the entire month of October. How did this happen? I’m not entirely sure… I had every intention of blogging, but somehow hours, days and weeks slipped by so quickly that before I knew it, November had arrived and there was not a blog in sight.

So crap, now it’s November and nearly Christmas time! And I swear, every year I soooooo want to be organised and efficient, but the week before Christmas somehow arrives unexpectedly (how does this happen every year???) and I find myself frantically shopping for last minute presents, stressed, cranky and frustrated that yet again, I am not organised!

So NOT THIS YEAR!  That’s right peeps, I am declaring it now – I AM ORGANISED!!! Yeah baby. No last minute shopping for me, no embarrassing tantrums in the middle of posh shops (more likely me than Lilyb), no towing a cranky baby (and often a cranky fiancé), grabbing up last minute presents that are ok, but probably could have been infinitely cooler had I been organised and had more time to think about the people I’m buying for!

So, how am I going to do this, I hear you ask? (anyone out there?) Well, I have already started. Yes sirreee, I have already started my Chrissy shopping and yes, it’s only NOVEMBER! WOOHOOO, this is a first!!!! So this is what I’ve done so far – I’ve bought my family secret santa present (I have a big family so we limit it to each person buying for just one other person – thank the sweet lordy) from a really cool quirky shop at Noosa, called Eclectic Style – I could completely deck out my dream house in there. It has a strong Indo/Asian/Moroccan vibe with a beachy twist… ahhh total kooksville and amazingly J and I both love it (I say amazing because I just love it when we actually agree on something! Ahhh, the small things).

And I just had to post this up – we’d actually been out to breaky at Sunshine Beach (YUM) that particular morning and it was well and truly time for Lil’s sleep – she has reached the height of crank and we were passing her between us like a football to try and placate her as we perused the shop as quickly as possible (I was on a mission!). Finally I found what I needed, passed her to J and went to pay. I noticed the shop go noticeably quieter (ie no more cranky child screeching!) and thought he’d taken her outside for a walk. But when I rounded the corner to leave the shop, I found her ensconced on a daybed, surrounded in cushions and cuddling a new friend, happy as can be. Hilarious!

Next on the list is… actually I can’t say who, because I have heard of them actually reading my blog, so names will be with-held for their own protection… but I went to my awesome friend Bernadette’s online shop called WallAllure ( and stocked up on the coolest wall decals for a few pressie-recipients. B and her business partner actually create these uber-cool decals from their own artwork and make them here themselves on the sunny coast of Q. Very impressive and no Chinese factories in sight! Of course, as usual when shopping for others, I find a zillion things I would actually love for myself, so I may have added a little present for moi to the shopping cart… Check it out - It's a teapot chalkboard decal, perfect for the kitchen... I'm seeing yummy recipes, love notes to my lover, inspirational quotes... and probably not as romantic, but infinitely practical, shopping lists!

Christmas cards I will be organising through my amazing artist friend Sandra... check out her blog Her art never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Then all I have left is J and Lilyb… hmmmm. I’m not panicking yet, after all it’s only November! Yay, I LOVE this new organised me!!!

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  1. I know it’s not funny to rush around the shops with a cranky child, but reading your post, i can’t help smiling! i can just imagine you!
    Unlike you, I haven’t given Christmas a thought yet... Oh Dear.
    and thank you...feeling a bit special :)